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Welcome! I'm Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz (Ph.D., New York University), Associate Professor of English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. At TC, I am founder and faculty sponsor of the Racial Literacy Roundtables Series and also co-founder of the Teachers College Civic Participation Project. 


Throughout my website, I share my own work, which mainly focuses on racial literacy and The Archeology of the Self. I have explored racial literacy as a lens in teacher education, community colleges, and K-12 contexts, as well as in the development of racial literacy amongst high school students. 


I self-define racial literacy in education as a practice and skill in which students probe the existence of racism, and examine the effects of race and other social constructs and institutionalized systems which affect their lived experiences and representation in U.S. society. Furthermore, in my research with teachers and English Education students, I found that moves toward deeper racial literacy development can be achieved first through what I am currently theorizing as an "Archeology of the Self"  - the self exploration, examination, and understanding of where issues of race and racism live within. 

More information on my research and work on racial literacy and The Archeology of the Self can be found in the webpages above.


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"Those who have chosen to teach must do the deep work"

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