Through the Arch of Self, LLC, I work with pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as other educators and school leaders in a process of digging deep and "peeling back layers" on their life experiences. I have conducted professional development workshops with community colleges, the New York City Department of Education, programs, such as New York City Men Teach, and in colleges/universities across the U.S.

My article, "Archeology of the Self in Racial Literacy Development: An Imperative for Urban Teacher Education" (forthcoming), dives more into detail of this work. 

Arch of the Self: Toward Sustaining Racial Literacy in Teacher Education and the Academy


Individuals who develop racial literacy are able to engage in the necessary personal reflection about their racial beliefs and practices, and teach their students to do the same. Racial literacy in schools includes the ability to read, write about, discuss and interrupt situations and events that are motivated and upheld by racial inequity and  bias. Sustaining racial literacy across the lifespan is possible by engaging in an "Archaeology of the Self" - an action-oriented process requiring love, humility, reflection, an understanding of history, and a commitment to working against racial injustice.

When I think of the Archeology of the Self in Education, I compare it to an archeologist who uses various techniques "to dig, uncover, identify, process and record archaeological remains" as part of the excavation process. The same is with teachers, like myself, in education, who use tools and resources such as books, professional development, dialogue and reflection to dig into our preconceived notions about the students and the communities we serve as well as our self as the teacher.

-SG, Middle School Teacher

The model of the Archeology of the Self concept theorized by Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Visual: Dr. Angel Acosta 

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